Call Numbers and Schedule


Come join us on our conference calls on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (or whenever) (Eastern)


Participant PIN 368582#

Recorded Call Playback Number


PIN 368582#

(Recording is only good until the next call replaces it.  So look for links to the recorded calls at

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  2 Responses to “Call Numbers and Schedule”

  1. Thanks for the info we will put the info out on the next call about the march on dc and thanks for the infoon the meeting yesterday in dc. midwest

  2. keep a cell phone in a tin ( tea tin, coffee tin, prince albert can) see the german studies on how the emf ‘s can strip the immune system. turn off your wireless when you sleep! On your 8 19 2013 call, you wanted to know what went on in wash / district of criminals MEETING TODAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE also, See Sept 9, march on district of criminals / could be a planned false flag event, March On DC Sept. 9th There are many groups going to protest on this day but we want to try and bring all people together to march and protest. We would like to see millions and millions of people show up! Are you frustrated with our government? Do you feel they no longer represent “We the People”?

    Stand up then! We need to come together, forget the petty differences we as Americans have, and rally around our Constitution. It’s time to restore our republic and reclaim our natural given rights. This one is going to be big and we need you there!