Apr 132015

Peter Kling: Obama will bring Peace, ET False Flag, “Armageddon” against Good ETs!

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 26, 2011, hermeneutics expert Peter Kling stated that his scientific analysis of prophetic texts contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama has a Biblical destiny, although the destiny may ultimately not be a favorable one for the world population. Mr. Kling has developed an Exopolitical interpretation of “Armageddon” as it appears in the Bible… Mr. Kling says, “Revelation 19:11 is when the real Alien attack and the “War of Armageddon” take place. Armageddon is not the destruction of the Earth, it is the destruction of the “Class 1 Planet” the New World Order and its supporters and the Rebel Aliens who helped establish it.” Mr. Kling says that Armageddon is when ethical extraterrestrial civilizations intercede on Earth to overthrow the New World Order that is supported by unethical ETs…

The Terrors In Our Times: Do They Mean The End Is Near?!

The point Jesus made was how paradoxical that the religious leaders of the day could tell the weather (not their expertise) while failing to foresee how the religious and political climate would affect their nation – matters about which they were supposed experts. It was a giant case of not seeing the forest for the trees. The Jewish leadership should have recognized that cataclysm was inevitable. All the ingredients were there, like chemicals ready to combust.   From the moment that the Jews and the Romans synchronized their efforts to crucify Jesus, there was no rolling back the clock.  The fate of the Jewish nation was settled.  Their actions sealed their fate.  True, their apocalypse was still almost a generation of 40 years away.  But Jesus insisted that His prediction about the destruction of Jerusalem’s and its sacred temple were surer than the continuance of the physical universe.  “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”  The apocalypse associated with the Jewish nation – its dissolution and the worldwide diaspora of the Jewish people – was not avoidable. Do the terrors of our times suggest we live in the last days?…

Leaked U.S. cable lays out North American ‘integration’ strategy!

The integration of North America’s economies would best be achieved through an “incremental” approach, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable. The cable, released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written Jan. 28, 2005, discusses some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico in a fashion similar to the European Union. “An incremental and pragmatic package of tasks for a new North American Initiative (NAI) will likely gain the most support among Canadian policymakers,” the document said. “The economic payoff of the prospective North American initiative … is available, but its size and timing are unpredictable, so it should not be oversold.” Many different areas of a possible integration are discussed throughout the cable,…    go to link
Dec 112014

Join us tonight at the Royal Priesthood show at www.bbbradio.com 5:00 pm PST..7:00 Central 8:00 Eastern our special guest tonight will be joining us ASTARIUS MIRACULII…… topic of discussion will be the Grand Cardinal Cross that came in April this year…and the URANUS energies that are coming in and what those energies are doing for humanity and current system…..please come join us for the show. http://youtu.be/PvSDKUe1Yc8

Feb 072014

This is going to be a great call tonight as Midwest plans to get deep down into the true history of the United States and expose some of the lies we’ve all been told.

So please join us at 9:00 Eastern…  712.432.0075  PIN 928342#

Be sure to check out the blog for links to some very powerful information that she will be discussing tonight.  I’m posting those links right now.

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Jan 242014

Join me tonight on our regular call at 9:00 pm Eastern.  Dr. Hendo Henderson will be our guest and we will be discussing the Republic, Global Collateral Accounts, redemption for all people of the planet, and when will the financial system be taken down.  I have many questions for Dr. Henderson, and we will open up the Q&A lines as well.  Bring your questions and comments.

712.432.0075  PIN 928342#

712.432.1085  PIN 928342#  Replay number

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Sep 012013

Aliens and The Vatican 2013

Breaking News:  “The Downfall of the Vatican, The Queen and The System”

NASA Alert:  America Black Out and Grid Shut Down 2013

Atlantium 1X Ancient Spy Satellite

Top Secret NASA Images of the Alien Spaceship on the Far Side of the Moon

High Tech Society Before Noah’s Flood

Part 1

Part 2

Spaceport America – Mega Structures

Ancient Discoveries – Machines of the Gods

The Secret History about Archaelogical Cover Ups of Ancient Cultures

Ancient Voyages to America – Who Were the First Explorers?

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Aug 302013

The Royal Human / Anunnaki Hybrid Bloodline with Michael Lee Hill

Michael Lee Hill and Dr. A.R. Bordon Talk – The Anunnaki Papers – Setting the Record Straight!

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 152 with Leela Hutchison and Ali Akbari

Into the Lost Crystal Caves

Websites to visit and explore:

Phoenicians discovered America 2000 years before Columbus?


Ancient Psalms and New Earth


Temple of Sakkara – Crop Circles


The Energy Spheres – Gift to the Humans Being from the Ascended Energies


The Mind Unleashed


Adam Apollo


The Irish Origins of Civilization



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Aug 252013

The 8/26/2013 call will be the call that we intended for 8/19/2013, but luckily we deviated from the plan as that call was not recorded.  So Monday’s call will be about the Vatican, the Nazi CIA, the New Age Movement, and we will release what the Vatican has been hiding for all of these years.  It’s been hidden in plain site.  Contents of the websites below will be discussed on the call.





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